How to Sew a Bata de Cola - from Start to Gorgeous Finish

.. even if you're not a sewing expert | taught by Anke Herrmann
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I love my Batta.....

This was a great course and I never could have managed without Anka's video and clear instructions. This was a very complicated endeavor for a novice. My Batta turned out beautifully. Would love to send you a photo of my group. Everyone in a dif...

Victoria Dunivin

I love my Batta.....

This was a great course and I never could have managed without Anka's video and clear instructions. This was a very complicated endeavor for a novice. My Batta turned out beautifully. Would love to send you a photo of my group. Everyone in a dif...

Victoria Dunivin
Anke Herrmann
Anke Herrmann
Sewing Business Mentor, Mindset Coach for Creative Entrepreneurs, Dressmaker for Flamenco Artists

About the Instructor

I left my corporate job in 2004 with the idea to move to Spain and start my own sewing business, with nothing more than a passion for sewing and plenty of enthusiasm.

 A few years later I was overworked and burnt out. 

Several profound insights started the turnaround for me and once I really understood that I had created that business and that stress is optional I knew I wanted to help other passionate creative entrepreneurs bring the sense of flow that makes them love their art or craft to the way they run their business. 

Helping creative flamenco lovers sew authentic dance costumes.

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Have you ever wanted to sign up for a bata de cola class but couldn't because you had no bata de cola to wear? 

So what’s a flamenco girl dying to dance in a bata de cola supposed to do?

Well, you could come to Spain and buy one ready-made. But that is no guarantee that you'll end up with your perfect bata.

Or, if a trip to Spain isn't on the cards right now, you could buy one online or have one made and sent to you. But that’s not without challenges either:

Peggy from Singapore told me that she once waited 9 months for her costume to be delivered from Spain. She wasn't happy.

Maree from New York had to drive to the airport and sweet talk the customs officer into releasing her costume in time for her performance a few days later.

Jennifer from the UK took it with humour when she ordered a bata de cola with a soft peach color for the underside ruffles only to have it arrive in screaming bright orange ..

Or you can do what Marina from Russia, Jan from the UK, Julie from the US and many others have done: Make your own. 

You can find lots more photos in the Client Project Gallery.
If you’re reading this I’m sure the thought has crossed your mind.
It’s not a quick project for a rainy Sunday afternoon and you need a good amount of fabric.
So why would you consider making your own?

Making your own bata de cola is a great option if you ...

  • … want a bata de cola that fits YOU perfectly but don’t have an experienced flamenco dressmaker or specialized shop nearby 
  • ... love to create rather than spend your time shopping
  • … want to have total control over material, color, prints, size and number of ruffles so your bata de cola will be exactly the way you like it
  • … wish you could have more than one - once you have one that works for you and know how to make it you can have a new bata de cola whenever you want
  • . . . can't or don't want to pay for one custom made for you and are looking for a less expensive way to get your own bata de cola
But what if ...
  • … you don’t have advanced sewing skills and you’re not sure how to pull it off with just the help of the pattern?
  • … the standard pattern sizes don’t fit you and you don't know how to modify the pattern and still end up with a bata that's easy to manage?
  • … you have no idea how to go about those underside ruffles?
  • … you’re worried you get stuck, give up and never finish your bata de cola because you don’t know who to ask for help?
Not a problem if you have someone to teach you.

I'd love you to come and look over my shoulder! I’ll show you everything I’ve learnt in the 10+ years I’ve been sewing batas de cola for clients everywhere. And you can ask me anything - I’m here to help so your bata de cola will be an all round success.

If you fancy a trip coming to Granada is a great option. I'll be happy to teach you in hands-on private classes. Learning everything you need to sew your bata de cola most likely takes a couple of weeks of daily classes or more, depending on your level of sewing experience, and easily sets you back $500. And that's not counting travel costs.


You can learn without leaving home, at your own pace, and still have the personal support you'd have in private classes:

Introducing "Learn to Sew Your Own Bata de Cola - Step by Step from Start to Gorgeous Finish", an online course for creative, resourceful flamenco dance students who want to sign up for the next class and dance in a bata de cola that almost moves by itself.

Enroll today and wear your own bata de cola just like these

You'll Receive

  • 8 video lessons (almost 7 hours of video) ($299 value). I'll take you through the entire process, showing you the techniques (nothing fancy here) and sequence of steps that have proven to give the best results without any trouble so you can have fun in the process, even if you’re not an expert sewer. It's like standing next to me in the sewing studio and looking over my shoulder while I make a bata de cola and explain every step to you. You can watch the videos online in your course area or download them to your computer so you always have them available, even when you're not connected to the internet.
  • Digital sewing pattern (womens sizes 6-16) ($26 value) for the high waist bata de cola skirt we’ll be making. It is a variation of Bata de Cola Pattern Iris, and it is the one I’m using for all the batas de cola I make for clients. The tail area is constructed differently so that cutting the pieces is much easier and you’ll be able to use almost any fabric for the ruffles, even if it is very lightweight, and create a bata that moves beautifully . The pattern comes in formats for both printing and assembling them at home, as well as for having them printed at a print shop (no paper patterns will be shipped). Of course you’ll learn how to adapt it to fit your body.
  • Flamenco Fabric Guide e-book and fabric swatches ($37 value) to help you choose the perfect material for your bata de cola. You'll learn about which fabrics work best and which won't, for your bata de cola and any other flamenco costume. The actual fabric swatches you receive via regular mail allow you to literally "get a feel" for the material, and you can take them to your local fabric shop and get help finding fabrics that are up to the challenge of flamenco dancing.
  • Personal email support from me. ($200 value) If you have any questions or get stuck at any point just send me an email, photos or video explaining the issue and I’ll help you sort it out so you’ll never feel tempted to throw your half finished bata in the trash.
  • Lifetime access to all course materials so you can come back and make another one any time you like, or if life gets in the way and you can’t sew along right now. You'll also have access to any future updates to the course.
  • No questions asked, 30 day money back guarantee
When you enroll today you’ll be able to download the digital sewing pattern and Flamenco Fabric Guide ebook immediately. The fabric swatches arrive via regular mail which will take a few days depending on where you live.

How to Make the Outer Ruffles - A Sneak Preview ..

Over the years I’ve made lots and lots of batas de cola using the exact same pattern we’ll be using in the course so I know it works.

As you’ll see it is a variation of the pattern plenty of Flamenco Dressmaking clients have used to sew their bata de cola.

Below you can see what students who have taken this online course have said.I’ve also taught students with just basic sewing skills how to make a bata de cola in private in-person classes so I’m 100% confident that by the end of the course you’ll be proud of your bata de cola.

Should you, however, for any reason not be happy with the e-course just send me an email and I refund your money, no questions asked (for 30 days after enrollment)

What Students Have Said ..

"You are wonderful to listen to and learn from. You present a wonderful accessible,concise and detailed teaching tutorial.
It is absolutely gorgeous and I could not have done it without the videos and your detailed and easy to follow videos and downloads. Sewing a Batta was way above my sewing “pay grade” and at one point I thought I would have to give up…
People that sew at my level probably would not be crazy enough to try a Batta. I am so happy that I did. Your videos allow the student to immerse in the culture of Flamenco by making their costume. To me your video course was a huge accomplishment and I congratulate you on sharing your years of sewing wisdom. 
Thank you so very much. This was a great investment for me."

Victoria, US

"Erstmal vielen Dank für den tollen Kurs! Obwohl ich schon seit Langem nähe und auch schon viele Flamencokostüme und auch eine Bata de Cola genäht habe, lerne ich unglaublich viel von dir. Es ist außerdem toll zu sehen, mit wieviel Freude du alles vermittelst."
Translation from German: "First of all thanks a lot for the great course! Even though I've been sewing for a long time and have made lots of flamenco costumes as well as a bata de cola I'm learning an awful lot from you. And I love your enthusiasm when teaching."
"You explained things in a very simple and easy way so for me it always was possible to stick with it. Thank you for answering my cuestion so quickly. I've just sewn the last underside ruffle onto my Bata and now it's ready to try it out this evening at the dance studio. I'm really excited and the result is amazing! Thank you so much for this course."
Rebecca, Germany

"Very well organized course, excellent information and great camera angles.
You present the information so clearly, and I am learning so much about the construction of the bata de cola.
Thank you for making this course available online! Very appreciated!"

Joan, US

"I really enjoyed the one on one feel of the course. Also, having a busy schedule, prevents me from getting online, so being to access the lessons when time permits is great! Anke, I love learning new things and this has been a fantastic course for me."

Clarita, US

"Since my last email, I bought a sewing machine and created my own bata de cola with zero sewing experience. There were a few missteps. I sewed a crooked 3 times and the fitting was a challenge but I made the bata de cola, thanks to you. I wanted to thank you for your encouragement and your kindness. "

Marcela, US

Got Questions? Here are answers to what people have asked:

Will I be able to dance in my bata de cola?
Yes, the bata de cola you'll be making is made for dancing. Click here or scroll to the top of the page to watch the video and see the bata you'll be making in action.

I'm kind of practical this way. I'm the same with shoes or clothes - if I can't run after a bus in them I'm not interested :-) So yes, your bata will make you look great but it really is designed for flamenco dancing. I've made lots and lots of batas like it and the feedback from students - beginners and advanced - as well as teachers has always been "that bata moves almost by itself".

How long will it take to make my bata de cola?
That is, of course, difficult to say because it depends on so many things - how much experience you have sewing, how much time you've got to work on your bata during the day/week etc.

But to give you an idea .. when I first started offering the eCourse I released the lessons over a period of 3 weeks, a new lesson every 2-3 days, so people could sew along. The students who did sew along finished their bata de cola by the end of the course. Their sewing skill levels varied widely and even the ones who were like "oh my God, I don't believe I'm actually doing this .." finished their bata. I'm sure some students could have finished earlier if they didn't have to wait for the new lessons.

Now all lessons are available right from the start so you can go at your own pace. You have lifetime access to the course and any updates I'll add in the future. And you can download all the material so you have it available even when you're not connected to the internet.

How long is the tail of my bata de cola?
The exact length of the skirt/tail depends on your height and waist to floor measurement. If you're 1.60m tall your bata de cola will be approximately 2 meters long (from waist to tip of the tail). If that's longer than you think it should be don't worry. The way the tail area is constructed makes the bata de cola easy to handle. You can always shorten the tail but I'm pretty sure you won't want to once you've given your bata a spin.

 Where can I find the material for the underside ruffles? I'm not in Europe
Well there are a couple of options if a trip to Spain isn't on the cards for you right now (even though it's always worth it, for more reasons than just can can :-)

- You can buy it online (click here to read article on the website that covers the topic), or
- You use a different material. I've successfully used stiff organza or you could even use poplin underside ruffles (that's most likely what you'd use if you make a reversible bata de cola) . You can take the fabric swatches that come with the Flamenco Fabric Guide eBook (included in the course) to your local fabric store to help you find the right material.

.. you get "can can" or "papel" (that's what it's called over here in Spain) sent to you from Spain.


My friend and colleague Alicia Harris from Flamenco Closet Creations offers can can. She ships worldwide and is the perfect option if you want to receive your order quickly and at a super reasonable price

 What if none of the standard sizes fit me?
There is an entire lesson showing you how to adjust the pattern to your body measurements. If you need any help on that front all you need to do is send me your measurements and explain the issue you're facing and I help you get it right.

Didn't find the answer to your question? Just ask me!

Are you ready to make your own bata de cola? Even counting in buying the fabrics you'll have your first very own bata de cola, just the way you like it, for half the price you'd have to pay if you had one made. And of course you don't have to stop at making just one .. As my client Julie put it: "A girl can never have too many batas de cola".

Spend less money, less time and have way more fun than you ever could just buying a bata de cola.

Course Contents

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1 Survey
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7.0 hrs